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Allow Yourself to Heal

Open the window of your mind and transform your life through quantum healing hypnosis.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠

What Is QHHT®?

QHHT® is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠. This technique was developed and refined by the world renowned Dolores Cannon over a 45+ year period. The technique allows you to access your Higher Self / Super Conscious / Over Soul. This is the part of you that holds all your answers. Quantum healing hypnosis differs from other techniques by working in the somnambulistic level of trance. This state is reached naturally twice a day (just before you wake and just before falling asleep). It is when working at this level that a certified QHHT practitioner is able to ask questions to your Higher Self. The practitioner can ask what is behind all of the your questions and ask the Higher Self if it can be healed. If the Higher Self agrees, healing is performed. 

Natasha offers authentic QHHT sessions performed just as Dolores Cannon, with over 5 years experience

No alterations, done in person, the day dedicated to you. 

Dolores perfected this technique, and it can be life changing!

Are you ready to transform yourself, your life, to heal... 

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Can QHHT Help?

Can QHHT® Help Me?

The answer to that is yes. Yes, it can...

QHHT® is a healing modality that can help with emotional and physical issues, fears and phobias. By providing access to your Higher Self, QHHT® allows questions to be asked. Imagine being able to find those answers from deep within your own being - questions such as:

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QHHT Services

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"There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination."

~ Dolores Cannon

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