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Hear what people have to say about their personal Quantum Healing Hypnosis experience with Natasha at Heart 2 Higher.



Ann @Orion Metaphysical 

"Natasha is a warm, kind-hearted, genuine person who is invested in her clients’ wellness and well being. She is a “purist” when it comes to her QHHT work, and offers it exactly the way Dolores Cannon created it. This shows her high integrity and commitment to her work & doing the best for her clients.
You will not be disappointed if you choose Natasha as your practitioner, especially for a QHHT session. You will receive so much care and attention on your day, making you feel valued & comfortable. Not to mention your private information will remain confidential always.
Natasha is intuitive & insightful and generous with her time. You will enjoy your day thoroughly.

I definitely recommend (and have done so) Natasha when people are searching for a QHHT practitioner. I know they’ll be in great hands.
Excellent work Natasha."

~ Ann  / Melbourne,  VIC, Australia 


"Thank you. Thank you Natasha for the incredible experience on Tuesday. It is blowing my mind to let you know, I have had NO pain since I saw you. For almost 5 years, my pain has been debilitating, diagnosed as chronic pain, with so many secondary conditions from it, and just like that….GONE. I can’t explain the happiness I feel and I can’t thank you enough. I am so hopeful it will stay this way, and for now, I’m going to enjoy every minute. I feel a sense of calm, deep deep in my core, which is something I don’t recall ever feeling before either, I love it!

I am slowly re-listening to my recording, it’s so much to take in. What a magical experience you have given me. It was wonderful to meet you and an honour to be part of something so special."

~ Jodie P. / Pakenham VIC, Australia 


"I found my QHHT session to be amazing.


Natasha has a very nurturing, caring way about her and makes you feel understood. Her voice is very relaxing and soothing and I soon fell into a trance like state.

Although I was aware of the session, my conscious mind was dream-like and time went so quickly. I lost about 40 minutes. The most amazing part of the session for me was that my Higher Self said my skin condition (which I’ve had for 8 years) would be gone in 2 weeks time, and it sure enough did go in about 2 weeks!

Thank you Natasha I have no doubt you will make a difference to a lot of people and I’m happy to recommend you to anyone in need of therapeutic healing."

~ Andrea L. / Mordialloc VIC, Australia


"I feel blessed to have found Natasha and participated in her QHHT session.

From the wonderfully warm first communication to the moment I finished the session I found Natasha to be so kind, caring, bubbly, easy to talk to and professional.

I was a little nervous yet excited to participate in the QHHT and found that Natasha guided me through the process beautifully. I was able to access several past lives which have solved many unanswered questions in this life, I now understand my purpose fully. It is so clear

I have enjoyed listening back to the recording and each time find another treasure hidden there in my subconscious. I found the process fascinating and hugely recommend Natasha to be your guide to gently access those hidden treasures of yours which lie there waiting to be rediscovered."


~ Nicky S. / Pakenham VIC, Australia


"Before my first session with Natasha, I was feeling weighed down with grief and anxiety. Having gone through both an aggressive form of breast cancer and a messy divorce, I was holding onto grief and fear. This manifested into my daily life, with both my mental and physical health greatly affected.

Not fully understanding QHHT, I went into my first session with an open mind and body with an acceptance of my higher being. I felt safe and secure in my session with Natasha, where she guided me through with compassion and understanding.

After my hypnosis, I felt a sense of clarity and purpose with a new lease on life and a greater understanding on life. Without question, I would highly recommend Natasha in your quest for fulfilment and soul purpose."

~ Glennis E. / Sandringham VIC, Australia


"Once again I want to say a big thank you for your support, care, kindness and compassion. My QHHT session has assisted me beyond measure. Your patient care, attention to detail and diving insights make you the perfect practitioner in this space and I feel so grateful for my session.

Re-listening to my recording has brought tremendous insight into areas in my life that I needed clarity, release and healing. I feel lighter both mentally and physically which I attribute to my session and your ability to connect with my HS. 

Thanks once again."

~ Georgia B. / Melbourne VIC, Australia


"Just to wanted to let you know that a friend of mine would love a QHHT session with you, we've been talking about it since 🤭.


Also, I'm ovulating for the first time in almost two years! And I've resigned from Epworth and been promoted at the doctors. So many doors have opened since our session so thank you!


...when I left I really felt so much lighter and my life has taken a turn for the best since our session. ❤️  You're amazing.

~ Effie A. / Botanic Ridge VIC, Australia


"An amazing experience all round. Words cannot express my gratitude for Natasha- I completed the QHHT session with Natasha and it was the most phenomenal experience I have encountered, I have listened to my recording from this session and I am blown away how fast I responded to questions, as my feeling a the time was that I was taking minutes not seconds to answer Natasha questions. I felt completely at ease and comfortable during my time with Natasha. I feel entirely at peace, all my fears and stresses have been melted away from once was part of my every day mindset, and I am stepping through life in every moment with wholeness and love.

Natasha is a kind, generous, gentle and loving person with amazing abilities. I am truly grateful to have found you- thank you."

~ Daniel T. / Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"I think everyone should have a QHHT session at least once in their lives but it is very important which practitioner you will choose though. Natasha has been so accommodating, listened to me so patiently and with love ❤️ with no rush in time. She also asked the right questions during the hypnosis as sometimes the Higher Self needs a push! My healing started from the moment I booked the appointment and is progressing beautifully and I also had so many questions answered. I can't recommend her enough..Thank you Natasha for being who you are 🙏"

~ Melina P. / VIC, Australia


"Natasha was warm, attentive and open, such a natural practitioner. I felt so safe and relaxed in her presence and also loved the questions she asked and the way they made me think about things. We covered so much in the session I couldn't quite take it all in on the day but listening back over my recording and having time some since has given me space to chew over a lot of things we covered, and I have had a crazy amount of a-ha! moments since. Wonderful person, wonderful experience, highly highly recommend :)"

~ Grace L. / Cheltenham, VIC, Australia


"Natasha is an amazing practitioner. Our BQH session was incredible! Natasha has a warm and friendly personality and made me feel so at ease and comfortable during the session. She is easy to speak to and I received answers to many questions that were holding me back. She is knowledgeable and her experience is second to none. Highly recommend Natasha for QHHT and BQH, you will not be disappointed. <3"

~ Claire B. / Chelsea Heights, VIC, Australia


"I did a (QHHT) Quantum Hypnosis Healing session with Natasha and I cannot recommend her more highly. It was the most amazing experience. Even more so as it fell on the Full moon Lunar eclipse! Talk about timing!!

Natasha’s warm and caring nature made me feel at total ease. No topic was too much for Natasha to discuss regarding what my fears and blocks were in this lifetime. Natasha allowed me time to talk beforehand to fully understand what it was that I needed to work through.

The subconsciousness level that I was able to get to under her guidance was beyond this world, truly cosmic!. I am truly grateful for Natasha. The session she gives, the level of detail she can navigate through while I was being hypnotised allowing it to have the depth I needed to bring about a transformation!

The effects of this session have been immediate. I no longer want or crave meat (which I always felt this guilt over) or coffee.
My energy levels have skyrocketed! My ability to now feel so empowered, liberated and able to move forward confidently has been life changing! Everyday I feel something change for the better, which is so exciting! 💫

Thank you Natasha. You are a true gem and your soul is so beautiful x

Blessings Lisa xx"

~ Lisa J. / Geelong, VIC, Australia


"A wonderful experience with a beautiful person. She made me so welcome and comfortable I felt like we had been friends for ever. I highly recommend a visit for a QHHT session. It was everything I could have hoped for. Thank you Natasha, you are a special caring person ❤❤❤"

~ Maxine W. / Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"I had the most wonderful QHHT session with Natasha today. Her space was so warm and welcoming and my hypnosis healing with her was just incredible."

~ Birgit K. / Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"Such a beautiful, intensive and clarifying experience. I found the answers that I was looking for. Grateful to Natasha for her spiritual guidance and wisdom.🙏"

~ Joanna S. / Footscray, VIC, Australia


"Wow. What a mind blowing experience. I wasn't quite sure what to expect during my QHHT session, and sure enough it was beyond anything I could have expected.

Natasha has such a beautiful, warm, kind and caring energy, it was like meeting up with an old friend. She made me feel very comfortable and safe, no judgement, she just held the space for me.

I released quite a lot of stored trauma during my session which I actually remember very vividly - my body shaking all over, tears rolling down my face, unable to stop the shaking from my knees up to my crown chakra... uncontrollable grief releasing. And other parts I do not remember at all. Two hours felt like 45 minutes.

Thank you Natasha for helping me release some very old grief out of my physical body in preparation for my next chapter!

With gratitude and love "

~ Kate Dixon/ Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"Thank you to Natasha for a wonderful session. She is a kind and loving soul, one that is hard to find in these times. She is understanding and patient regardless of your own spiritual journey and progression. Thank you for holding space. Mind opening experience. Highly recommended. With love and gratitude, Ming."

~ Ming K. /Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"Natasha is such a kind beautiful soul, she is gifted at holding space for others to heal and so generous with her time. I highly recommend booking a session- mine was life changing! Thank you again Natasha"

~ Minnesha Y. / Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"Natasha, is a beautiful, gentle, chilled out soul, who is attuned to Ra energy and Archangel & Angel Energy and dealing with it, like it was a stroll in the park.. Not to mention, the Delores Cannon energy/aspect, that enters not long before starting hypnosis.
I can’t thank you enough, Natasha. You took me to a place where I’ve truly reconnected with the aspects of myself from the lifetimes I visited. I was blown away by the information received in my session. Thank you so very much..
You're truly remarkable, Natasha. I would highly highly recommend you to anyone and everyone."

~ Leah G. /Melbourne, VIC, Australia


"I had an amazing session with Natasha! She's such a kind soul and helped me through personal challenges and situations. Highly recommending!"

~ Kos T. / Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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"The awakening is the purpose. The awakening of the fact that in essence we are light, we are love. Each cell of our body, each cell and molecule of everything..."

~ Dolores Cannon

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