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Meet Natasha

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Natasha Callow

Heart 2 Higher

Level II Certified QHHT Practitioner

How Did I Get Here?

Before discovering Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠, I had a diverse career path; from working in a hospital making chemotherapy drugs, drug development and stability in the pharmaceutical industry, to equities and accounts. This has taken me from the UK to South Africa and finally, to Australia.

I have always had an inquiring mind. My career started in the medical industry preparing chemotherapy drugs, which was rooted in my strong desire to help others. However, my body wasn’t so keen on this environment, so I next moved to London to work in equities and then onto the trading floor working in accounts (that inquiring mind, querying data). From there I moved to South Africa, where I set up an accounts package for a large international oil company. After finishing the contract, I was able to pursue charity work and animal rescue and this is where things began to change...

Whilst living in South Africa (where after finishing a contract, I was able to pursue my charity work, which I still do today), a friend suggested a past life hypnosis session. During my first session, the reason behind my lifelong and very healthy respect for open waters was revealed. I had never had a bad experience with water in this life, always been safe and well cared for but in a past life, my husband had drowned while I was with him. I felt I had the answers I needed, and was grateful. Discovering this information quietened my mind and my lifelong fear of water was resolved.

Then a lifestyle relocation to Australia and at a crossroads in my life, the same friend asked if I had heard of QHHT and Dolores Cannon. No, was my answer, but I did some research and booked a session. Upon walking into the session, my practitioner said ‘Why did you come? You should be doing this yourself.” That was the answer to the question regarding career, and since then, everything has fallen into place. I had my QHHT session over 5 years ago and haven't needed another one since..

In addition to receiving my level 2 certification as a QHHT practitioner, I am now also qualified in BQH and Reiki. I have an inquiring mind and an open heart. I promise I will use these skills to assist you in getting the answers to the questions you bring to each session.

I am grateful that you have chosen me to guide you. To assist you in moving forward in life with greater knowledge of who you are. I offer a safe place, where you can be open, without judgement and no pressure on time. I find it so incredibly rewarding assisting people on their journey, it is my mission and my Soul Purpose. I am here to listen to what you say, support you and honour your truth.

If you have any questions at all - feel free to call or text me at +61 413 234 672 or schedule a time to chat below.

In love & light,


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